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This is me with my amazing hubby and adorable insomnia-ridden dog Malibu.

I'm convinced we could bottle her 56-dog-year-old energy and make millions. It doesn't matter if we have kept her up all day or left her completely alone, she will wake me up at 3 am. every. night.

Without these two, I wouldn't be where I am today, and they wouldn't have a camera in their faces so much ;)

I guess you would call me an artsy-fartsy, light-hunting photographer serving the Louisville, KY and southern Indiana area. I love to shoot in new settings and unique situations. My passion is shooting kids (of all ages) and everything about them, the stuff that creates, surrounds and makes them tick. From the tiny peanut in mommy bellies to the big kid about to go off to college - or retirement, I adore people. The thing that really gets me is what no one else sees.

The moment that takes your breath away. The first breath of a newborn. The sun kissing a toddlers cheeks. The young expecting couple scared out of their whits but glowing just the same. The older couple holding hands in their respective rocking chairs.

Those images you can FEEL.

If you have an idea, never hesitate to ask, I will usually try anything once.

I love on-location photos in various places from parks to urban alleys, libraries to ice cream parlors.

If you would like to get some portraits taken or memories captured, drop me a line via the Contact tab above or email me at mhaas01@gmail.com.

I will come with a camera and *together* we will figure out the best shots for you.

XOXO, Mich

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